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SEMM Programming course

University of Milan "La Statale"

Programming course for PhD program in Systems Medicine, computational biology curriculum, of the European School of Molecular Medicine (SEMM) @ University of Milan.

The course is the result of long-lasting collaboration with DrFabio Iannelli and DrUberto Pozzoli (IRCCS Medea Bosisio)

Bioinformatics and Data Science for Biology

University of Milan "La Statale"

The goal of this laboratory is to introduce students to some of the bioinformatics techniques useful to study biology. Students will be introduced to the computational language 'R' for the analysis of sequencing data. This practical introduction to R will provide beginners with the necessary experience for the analysis, manipulation, and visualization of biological data. The course aim at providing students with useful strategy for communicating the results to the scientific community in a simple and effective way.

The course is the result of long-lasting collaboration with DrSerena Peirone


Artificial Intelligence

Del Giudice M, Perione S et al., IJMS 2021

This tutorial is an example of AI analyses performed in R on TCGA data. It comes with our review on learning approaches for the analysis of large-scale RNA-sequencing datasets in cancer.
We present the major solutions to disentangle tumor heterogeneity of transcriptome profiles for an effective improvement of patient management.