Our mission

To foster medical research

 What do we do?

The C.G.B. lab studies cancer genomics using large-scale next-generation sequencing data at population and single-cell levels to characterize the molecular mechanisms that drive cancer onset and progression. Through the use of mathematical and statistical models, our research aims to disentangle the complexity of genomic data to provide a personalized medicine able to be incorporated into clinical practice. The group's activity focuses on deciphering alternative splicing regulation in cancer, assessing tumor genetics and evolution, and distinguishing molecular mechanisms that are favorable clinical intervention points.

 What's our goal?

With the growth of large-scale sequencing projects, modern biology is facing new bottlenecks caused by the massive production of sequencing data. One of the new challenges is to extract relevant information from these genomic Big Data taking into account their inherent heterogeneity.To face this challenge, we employ the most recent bioinformatics, statistical, mathematical and experimental approaches to unravel the complexity of genomic Big Data and identify the biological processes associated with a phenotype. Our goal is to develop novel paradigms to compare large sets of genomic data and identify new molecular models responsible for the disease.
The C.G.B. is multidisciplinary lab!


At the C.G.B., we like:

  • RNA biology
  • Splicing regulation
  • Illumina sequencing
  • Oxford Nanopore sequencing
  • Epitranscriptome
  • Cancer research
  • Machine Learning
  • Network theory
  • Coding
  • Teaming up

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