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01st May 2021

Artificial Intelligence in bulk and single-cell RNA-seq: where are we?

Here our review on learning approaches for the analysis of large-scale RNA-sequencing datasets in cancer.
We present the major solutions to disentangle tumor heterogeneity of transcriptome profiles for an effective improvement of patient management, check it out!


25th April 2021

The Italian SARS-Cov-2 screening

Together FPO-IRCCS Candiolo units, we are actively monitoring the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 in Piedmont, Italy. The lab is mapping the virus lineages that are circulating in the region. Here some updates!


27th September 2020

MC farewell

Mariachiara, a very talented intership student, left the lab to complete her education at the University of Milan. We had lots of fun with Mariachiara and she opened our road to RNA methylation! Good luck MC!


13th September 2020

The Pandemic

In the horrible pandemic time the lab did not stop. We were lucky and determined enough to smartly work on our research projects.


31st December 2019

'Less is more', our paradigm shift in gene set analysis is out!

We introduced a probabilistic modelling, namely GSECA, to identify altered biological process relevant for complex phenotypes from heterogeneous high-volume RNA-seq data.

Have a look at our pancancer analysis of PTEN loss and its role in modulating immune-related processes across cancer types!

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15th July 2019

'Helper' genes promote cancer

Great collaboration with Francesca Ciccarelli's lab! We contribute to the implementation of a machine learning algorithm to identify cancer genes in individual patient affected by esophageal adenocarcinoma.

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Last updated 1st Aug 2019

Thanks to the ISMB and Contra, and the organizers, for having me as part of the great session of Computational Oncology – Heterogeneity and Immune Defence. Inspiring discussions with Maria Scrier, Nicholas McGranahan, Giovanni Ciriello and all the other speakers!

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Last updated 16th July

C.G.B. and IIGM are now relocating at the FPO IRCCS Candiolo Cancer Institute.

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Last updated 1st July 2019

First official C.G.B. poster

Serena presented GSECA at the BITS meeting in Palermo. This was the first offical presentation of our, and her, novel paradim to handle heterogeneity of high-volume RNA-seq data. Less is more!

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Last updated 1st July 2019

Marco presented our first work on trascriptional regulation of RNA binding proteins in prostate cancer at the BITS annual meeting in Palermo! Well done!

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Last updated 16th June 2019

Our free single-cell workshops reaches more than 200 partecipants!